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  • Specialised Oversized Transport Vehicle
    Specialised Oversiz With the rapid development of the heavy industry, the demand for the transport of super-heavy and super-long goods is gradually rising. Oversized transport vehicles have many tyres, as well as super-long and super-wide, super-loaded weight and other characteristics. Driving this type of vehicle has a certain degree of danger, there are a lot of blind spots and the risk of flat tyres. Once an accident occurs, it may have a great impact on the economy and society. so how to strengthen the real-time monitoring of the super-large vehicles is particularly So how to strengthen the real-time monitoring of oversized vehicles is particularly necessary.So how to strengthen the real-time monitoring of oversized vehicles is particularly necessary.
  • Transportation Dispatch Solution
    Transportation Disp Providing video live view, video play back,video storaging, intercom, remote dispatching; GPS location tracking, route play back,alarm triggering, person counting, fuel tank level sensor, temprature sensor, etc.
  • Police Low Enforcement Dispatch Solution
    Police Low Enforcem Providing integrated solution for vihicles and persons in low enforcement, all the mobile dvr, body worn dvr and surveillance camera can be managed together with our CMSV6 software, conveniently to manage and dispatch.
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